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Our story...

We're a family business located in the Twin Cities! Following COVID, we lost a lot.. childcare, our jobs, and life as we knew it.. we had no choice but to get creative. That's when Better Than Donating was born! Being avid thrifters, we knew how mishandled most items were at your average thrift store, and the donors really had no choice, nor were they really aware of what actually happens. Well we're happy to say that we are now changing that one donation at a time! By choosing us, you can be confident that we put the most care into every item, and in that, getting the highest proceeds possible for the charity that means the most to you. You now have a say, and a choice. We really love what we do, and hope that you enjoy your experience with us. Thank you for helping us make donations matter.


When was 'Better Than Donating' started?

We launched in August of 2020! Yea we know, not a great year.. but the best year to get involved and make a difference in our communities.

How does BTD fund their mission?

When your item(s) sell, we use 40% of your donation proceeds to cover our operation costs. The 60% that the charity of your choice receives is generally 300-500% more then would receive from a non appraised-normal 'sale' of a donated item. While our thrift store competitors may say that they are giving more, it's of a small price tag, and you have no control where it actually goes.

How long does it take for something to sell?

On average, quality donations take less than 7 days to turn around!

Can I write off this donation on my taxes?

Absolutely! When we make a donation to the charity of your choice, it's always in your name and you'll receive the documentation to prove it!

What if I need the money instead?

Depending on our inventory levels, we occasionally buy unique pieces if there's enough profit margin for charity.