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Our mission is to build a better and more understanding world where every family and child can feel accepted for who they are. Our son Giovanni was diagnosed with autism at a young age and since that moment we've been determined to help children and families in need. 


Our mission is huge!

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle

help families get the essentials that they need

a large part of our mission is relieving daily stress for families in need. whether it's a special piece of equipment to get from point A to B, sensory toys for play, or just everyday essentials, we are always here to help.

host events that bring together the special needs community

we envision and help create environments where children and young adults with special needs can enjoy their early years without regard to individual limitations.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

contribute to special organizations that make a huge difference for our families

we want to assure every child feels valued, respected, and included in the community, so we support as many programs as we can. together we achieve so much more.